• Welcome to NIODC
  • National Institute of Oceanography Data Center (NIODC) is established in 1966.
    The Center is responsible for the acquisition, processing, storage and dessmination of oceanographic data pertaining to the India Ocean including Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar, Laccadive Sea, Gulf of Oman, Burma Sea and Adjacent Seas.
  • Mission
    • To provide advisory services on oceanographic data and information to benefit all.
  • Objective
    • To provide the best possible advisories service on data and information to our stake holders in the sustainable use of the ocean, the quality of which would be gauged by the data / information products and quality of the services to users
  • Mandate
    • Procurement and archival of all types of oceanographic and related data generated by any form of effort or resources of NIO during field investigation and laboratory analysis.
    • Identification procurement and archival of all types free or priced oceanographic and related data generated by organizations other than NIO and are useful for studies of marine science for the Indian Ocean areas.
    • Identification, compilation and archival of NIO metadata.
    • Development, maintenance and regular up-dating of quality controlled processed data bases of all types of archived data.
    • Development and regular maintenance of user-friendly data dissemination system and development of value added data / information products.

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