• General Information
  • At present Terra - Modis NIODC Tile Server supports maximum zoom level 8, which will be upgraded in few days, if you want to zoom further you may select other external tile server, in map itself, it might take a while to load map.
  • The site consists of both Cruise and Sponsored Project data. The metadata/data is accessible only after user registration. For user support a 'demo' is provided in the site. Cruise data outside the EEZ is accessible for all registered users. However, data within the EEZ is accessible only with prior approval. Regarding Sponsored Project data only metadata is accessible online.
  • We are not sure that all other external tile servers we linked here supports tile caching, if they don't, then you won't be able to save map.
  • Chart library is still under development, some more features will be added shortly.
  • User query limit is restricted to 100000 records, which will be increased once after the migration of servers.
  • We do not support Internet Explorer ( IE / MSIE ), We strongly recommend to use Mozilla Firefox / Chrome / Opera latest versions to use all features while accessing data.
  • Project Inventory includes only SSP / CNP / TSP projects.
  • We are still working on sponsored project data, following are some major works
    • Data digitisation
    • Data formatting and standardisation
    • Position correction ( you may find some positions on land etc )
    • Some more projects yet to be added
  • Please intimate us, difficulties you experienced, if any, (for accessing data), or any useful feedback / suggestion for further improvements.

    Thank You

    - NIODC

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